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We will help you
to sell your house.

Solving your doubts, and you will not be alone during the whole process. Because when you sell, your plan starts to come true.

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the luxury of feeling in good company

Our selling process

Get ready and be positive, selling your house with the help of Regentehomes is a simple, transparent process, and you will feel well informed at all times.

In such an environment, you can already focus on your plans for when you sell it.

  1. First consultations
  2. Documents
  3. Price report
  4. Professional photography
  5. Marketing
  6. Private contract and Notary
  7. After Sales Services

1st First consultations

With us you will obtain the knowledge, the network of professionals, and the necessary resources to sell your property with the minimum of stress and expenses.

Ask about any questions you have about the marketing and sales process. First consultations help you to get to know us better, to know in which environment your house is going to be marketed and how.

We will talk about the price and we will offer you the data to help you finde the correct one, because the price is up to you.

2nd Documents

The main reason for a buyer to requests the services of a professional, is because they want to be sure that the data showed is correct, well documented, and the entire process will be carried out seriously.

Preparation, empathy and transparency are the key to successfully completing agreements regarding the price and conditions of a sale, and for this reason it is necessary to fully and correctly identify the properties and their characteristics.

The necessary documents to sell a property are, in summary: the Simple Note of the Property Registry, the last paid bills of IBI and Community, and the Energy Certificate of the house.

We explain all the details and why it is necessary in this link:

3rd Price report

Our objective is the positioning of the property at a strategic price that make possible its sale asap.

Discard because of price is the seller's greatest enemy, and as more time the home remains on the market, in full view of all buyers, doesn't help either.

The solution is to find a realistic price from the beginning, and the property will not suffer such discard, and that is the objective of our price reports.

We take as a reference average square meter prices in the market, and they are not based on or substitute for the usual appraisal or valuation methods.

If you have already decided your sale price, try to be sure that your property is not among the five most expensive in your area, because unless it is the most of the most, it will not be sold.

4th Professional photography

In Regentehomes you have professionals who have made hundreds of real estate photographic reports, with the best photography and editing equipment.

With them we show the best qualities and advantages of the properties, avoiding creating effects or filters that show unreal photographs or, in the worst case and at the time of the visit, produce a false expectation about the true appearance of the property.

Before making them, we can advise you on how to prepare your house to show it to potential buyers.

In our Instagram, we show you what we do;)

5th Marketing

Regentehomes is more than providing services in a unique way, because you have marketing services that allow you to show the characteristics and advantages of your property in a very professional way.

In addition to the usual on the Internet, such as publication on generalist websites, we work with a wide network of collaborating companies that have knowledge every week of our property portfolio.

The elegant website is the perfect brochure, so people interested in buying your house with our help, will be able to check the most important information and see the excellent photos and reports.

6th Private contract and Notary

Once the offer is received, you have our negotiating support until the signing of the private contract, managing each concept in detail and together with the buyer. This method will favors a good understanding between the seller and buyer, and the achievement of the main objective, which is the notarial signature of the sale.

With the signing of the private contract and delivery of the downpayment, the buyer reserves the property, and will start the search for financing. Although it is increasingly common for the buyer to consult with several banks about the mortgage possibilities, to sign the private contract with greater confidence.

At the time of the appointment for the signing the sale in the Notary's Office, you have our support and accompaniment until the last moment.

7th After Sales Services.

Don't worry, because sometimes doubts arise after the sale of the property, and you will continue counting on us for any matter in which we can help you.

And all this,
how much is it going to cost me?

We are very clear about it, and we want you to be clear about it too, that is why we are super transparent with our fees.

In addition, we usually publish offers to make our services even more accessible.

Our services for the seller include the entire process up to the signing at the notary's office, without extras or separate charges (... and of course it includes the private contract ... did you know that others charge even for that?).

And with the peace of mind that, to make easier the sale, our services are totally free for the buyer.

With us, you will not only be advised at all times, but you also access a much wider market, and the sale will only depend on the final price you choose to market it. 

(1) Individuals who prefer or are only going to buy with professional help.

(2) Foreigners who will require the support of a professional.

(3) Those who need a mortgage to buy, and feel much safer dealing with a professional accustomed to complete the paperwork and documents.

In addition, you save yourself of visits of strangers while leave your personal and professional commitments. And you may pay for the lack of a good professional help, at a higher final price discount.

You will live in peace. The sale of your house is a live service, but we will not bother you with calls, visits or procedures that are not strictly necessary.