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RH RegenteHomes ® is a registered trademark, used by its owner Javier Ramos for the activity of services related to real estate. Remember that there is no other way of contact or authorized person except those specified in this section.

Como regla básica, en Regentehomes se comercializan bienes inmuebles, y ofrecemos este servicio, con la única y mejor de las intenciones que es procurar ofrecer a nuestros Estimados Clientes Compradores (y Arrendatarios) las propiedades que ponen en el mercado para su venta (o alquiler) nuestros Estimados Clientes Vendedores (y Arrendadores).

It is about the commercialization of real estate for sale and / or lease, with marketing authorization not limited in time except for cancellation of the commercialization by decision of us or the seller, and with fees normally calculated on a certain percentage whose amount depends on the final price of the of sale or lease, and that are always agreed from the beginning of the provision of the service.

Due to the characteristics and particularities of each sale or rental, and the taxes and expenses that correspond in each case, and whatever your situation, we will always recommend that you be informed by specialized professionals in each of the aspects related to the real estate market. . We will be ready to inform your lawyers, managers, and / or tax advisers about any commercial information related to the properties in which you are interested, so they can advise you professionally before signing the contract, and process the settlements of expenses and taxes.

Recuerde que en Regentehomes no realizamos labores de asesoramiento legal, técnico o financiero, y nuestro ámbito de actuación se limita a la comercialización de bienes inmuebles.

The concepts that we mention are usually part of the reality of the market, and we exclusively give our opinion on them. The texts and comments published should not be understood as recommendations for sale, purchase, investment, lease or rental, and may be different from those appropriate for each individual or legal entity.

Participating in any way in the real estate market involves risks, including, but not limited to, significant downward variations in the price of real estate, difficulty in selling or leasing real estate, and other derivatives of changes in the local, national or international economy.

En Regentehomes siempre le recomendaremos consultar a abogados, economistas, y profesionales especializados en su ámbito de participación en el mercado inmobiliario y mercados financieros.

Tratamos de mantener actualizada la base de inmuebles en comercialización, pero en aquellos en los que actuamos como meros intermediarios no podemos garantizar que estén todos disponibles y en las condiciones en las que dicha comercialización fue solicitada por su propietario. Si usted está interesado en adquirir inmuebles en RegenteHomes, le rogamos contacte con nosotros de manera que podamos confirmar la permanencia en comercialización del inmueble en el que usted está interesado.


We reserve the right to decide to cease the commercialization of real estate if: (1) we do not obtain a response from the owner, by the means provided by him in the sales order note. (2) due to lack of documentation. (3) if we see the property advertised at a different price than the one agreed with the owner, either directly by the owner or through other real estate agencies.


Si usted está interesado en alguna de las propiedades comercializadas en RegenteHomes puede realizar la oferta que estime personalmente para el inmueble en el que esté interesado. Lo normal es hacer primero una oferta verbal, que el propietario puede aceptar, realizar contraoferta, rechazarla o incluso no contestarla. Si la oferta es aceptada verbalmente, solicitaremos al cliente interesado que realice dicha oferta por escrito, e incluirá aquellas cuestiones que considere necesario aclarar por parte del propietario, gestor de patrimonios, o del promotor .

At RegenteHomes we do not accept amounts on account, and it is very important that you remember that ALWAYS AND IN ALL CASES, before delivering any amount on account or as a deposit or signal, the data, status physical and legal, and debts related to any property in which you are interested.

We do not carry out appraisals or valuations. The price studies prior to the commercialization of the properties should only be considered as one more opinion. For your convenience, and if you believe it necessary, we can contact an appraisal company to carry out an appraisal of your property, market or for mortgage purposes.

Due to the constant changes in the real estate market regarding the valuation by the owners of the property or properties they have for sale, we ask our clients to notify us of any changes so that we can update this important data. You can call us to make an appointment and update the marketing request with the new price, or you can send us an email from your email address.

At RegenteHomes we always work to clearly expose both the data and the characteristics of each property, but if you believe that there is an error, please notify us as soon as possible, so that we can correct it quickly. In addition, if any of the photographs or any medium is not to your liking, do not hesitate to comment with us, to eliminate or replace it.

We believe that the texts that appear in the entire set of websites in RegenteHomes are relevant, but should not be assumed as complete, due to the complexity of the real estate market. Other people and professionals may not agree with some of the published texts.

Although they are not made with that objective but as an illustration of concepts, it is possible that some opinions and estimates are incorporated into particular strategies in sales or leases, so you should also know that they may not be appropriate in each specific case. . The same happens with the use of formulas to calculate profitability, or of any other type.

Remember that if you want expert legal advice, you should go to a lawyer specialized in the legal matter to be dealt with, and if you want expert economic advice, such as those related to financial mathematics, you should consult an economist who specializes in your area. interest.

Participating in any way in the real estate market involves risks, including, but not limited to, significant downward variations in the price of real estate, difficulty in selling or leasing real estate, and other derivatives of changes in the local, national or international economy.

We understand that the fact that the economy has an eminently cyclical nature is widely accepted, which is why the moment of purchase is crucial in relation to the moment of sale of the same property, activities that can also result in profits.

In any case, it is very important that, before buying a property, whether to use it as a home or as an investment, each person establishes and makes sure of their reasonable debt capacity.

Some of the services offered will be performed by outsourcing or subcontracted to authorized and specialized professionals. The intervention of any external professional must always have our approval, and be approved and paid for, previously and in full, by the client ordering the works or services.



El material comercial, gráfico, fotografías, textos, y documentos deben ser aportados por el propietario o persona autorizada. En todos los servicios ofrecidos en Regentehomes nos reservamos el derecho a no publicar, incluso retirar de la publicación, cualquier contenido, de cualquier clase y en cualquier medio o formato, que consideremos contrarios o no adecuados a nuestros intereses, y/o referentes a servicios con las mismas características o similares, y/o aquellas informaciones que puedan producir un beneficio directo o indirecto, incluso publicitario, no consentido expresamente y de forma nominativa en cada caso.


Texts, Demonstrations, graphics and photographs

Los gráficos y fotografías que aparecen en todo el conjunto del website, salvo indicación expresa al margen de cada uno, son elementos publicados para dotar de un diseño ameno a la maquetación editorial y telemática de las páginas, sin valor informativo. Las fotografías de los inmuebles son tratadas digitalmente para incorporarlas a los requerimientos técnicos y de tamaño del website, y el contraste, saturación y color de las mismas puede variar sustancialmente dependiendo del medio utilizado para reproducirlas.

The text that appears in this section, and in the entire set of websites, does not in any case have a contractual nature or value, and at all times it may contain errors, inaccuracies or not be updated, they only serve as a help guide without taking into account It takes into account the aspects and circumstances applicable in each specific case, and they can be updated at any time due to changes in our commercial policy, website design, or others.

No está previsto que los textos motiven una interpretación de los mismos, porque no están redactados para producirla. Por esta razón si usted está interesado en comercializar su/s propiedad/es en venta o alquiler en Regentehomes, o esta interesado en adquirir o alquilar una propiedad comercializada en Regentehomes no dude en contactar por los medios descritos en la sección Contacte donde les informaremos de forma directa sobre nuestra política comercial.


Content Protection

At the time of its publication, each web page offered from our domains is literally registered in a content archive. In accordance with current legislation on the protection of competition, it is totally prohibited, in and by any means, the use of any type, and / or the reproduction, and / or incorporation of any type, total and / or partial of any of the information / s, data / s, text / s, photography / s, video / s, and document / s that appear or have appeared in the entire set of this website.

Todos los textos, material gráfico, fotografías y vídeos publicados en el website han sido creados, realizados y producidos por el propietario de la marca comercial Regentehomes, sin excepción.

Queda prohibido el uso no autorizado expresamente de cualquier texto, material gráfico, fotográfico y videográfico publicado por Regentehomes en cualquier servicio web, telemático y/o físico.


About this Website and Terms of Use

El website de Regentehomes esta formado por un conjunto de páginas web con los dominios que se detallan a continuación, servicios web y canales, continuamente enlazados entre si y sus diferentes secciones y contenidos, siempre que estén siendo publicados desde Regentehomes.

Domains: regentehomes.com - regentehomes.es

Tratamos de mantener en funcionamiento continuamente el website, pero no podemos garantizar que, todo o partes del mismo, estén siempre disponibles. Las páginas web publicadas desde los dominios detallados y desde el servicio web mencionado son diseñados y editados en Regentehomes.

Los canales detallados alojan algunos contenidos creados en Regentehomes, y ocasionalmente enlaces a contenidos no creados en Regentehomes. En todos los casos su funcionamiento depende de cada proveedor de servicios en los que se alojan las páginas y contenidos, y su marca, logotipos y normas de uso son propiedad de sus respectivos propietarios.

Due to the fact that they are not published for contracting or commerce via the Internet, none of the domains or web services host pages dedicated to electronic commerce, nor is there an access area for clients.

El acceso a este website y el conjunto de páginas web es totalmente voluntario y quienes acceden a sus contenidos públicos son usuarios sin ningún tipo de vinculación con el mismo, y aceptan, desde el momento que visitan la pagina web, sin reserva alguna y en su totalidad, las condiciones previstas en esta sección del website. En Regentehomes no somos responsables del contenido de web externas, incluso si se pueden enlazar desde este website.

The user agrees to use the website and web services, and its content, without contravening the Laws of Spain and the principle of Good Faith, only as defined by the Law in Spain, and knows and accepts that any use that contravenes Any Law of Spain will be reported to the competent authorities of Spain, and if deemed necessary by the competent Spanish authority in this regard, judged in Spanish courts.

El usuario de este website asume, conoce y acepta que los datos sobre productos o servicios, y cualesquiera otros datos e contenidos en la misma, no son ofrecidos para su venta o contratación en internet. El website de Regentehomes y los servicios web no son websites de comercio electrónico, ni nuestros servicios pueden contratarse a través de internet.

No ofrecemos publicidad mediante e-mail ni a clientes actuales ni potenciales, y no recogemos ni incorporamos información mediante formularios online si antes el usuario no ha aceptado previamente estos términos de uso o los proporcionados para cada cada formulario.

If the user does not agree with any of the contents and conditions of use of the website, domains and services, he can, permanently and easily, not use them.



The user declares that the data provided is for their exclusive use and does not belong to other people or entities, being solely responsible for their veracity and correctness, and stating by accepting these terms and conditions the accuracy and validity of the same.

The user declares that he does not act on behalf of or commissioned by other persons or entities, and that the content of the message provided is true in its entirety, without there being any other interpretation than the written one.

El usuario da su consentimiento expreso a la empresa para responder al mensaje recibido utilizando para tal fin los datos de contacto proporcionados en el mismo. También lo da para que los datos proporcionados en el formulario sean incorporados a nuestros ficheros, pudiendo solicitar su eliminación enviando un mail desde su cuenta de correo electrónico a info@regentehomes.com



En Regentehomes no autorizamos ni damos autorizaciones, ni verbales ni escritas ni por cualquier otro medio. Si usted recibe alguna información que dice o parece venir desde Regentehomes, no dude en contactar mediante email a info@regentehomes.com o mediante whatsapp al numero de España 627344311 para comprobar su veracidad.

De cualquier forma en Regentehomes no podemos garantizar ni garantizamos, ni somos responsables de cualquier información/es o acto/s de ninguna persona/s o entidad/es.


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All rights reserved, ®RH Regentehomes is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved. TMRH RegenteHomes is a registered trademark and subject to rights.


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