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We are focused to provide professional solutions for real life.

Our real estate services allow you to buy and sell real estate properties with the help and support of expertise professionals.

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Since 2006, training and know-how, in addition to transparency, effort, and respect for the environment, have been the bastions of Regentehomes growth as a reference brand for people who appreciate these qualities in the professionals they choose to buy and sell their real estate properties.

We work with super-competitive fees because we focus on offering a quality service, finding beautiful, well-located and healthy homes, but saving on superfluous or not essential operating expenses to fulfill our mission.

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Javier Ramos

Founder of Regentehomes in 2006. ETI Real Estate Technical Expert (Esine). With more than 20 years of experience as real estate broker, including operations with large assets and wealth managers.

Francis Gimenez

Francis Giménez brings to Regentehomes +25 years of dynamism and business experience in leading sectors of distribution, instruction, and national and international aeronautics.


Soporte & Network


We love to surround ourselves and our clients with good people and excellent professionals with a lot of experience, a first-rate independent network.

On many occasions, it is not strange that both the seller and the buyer feel that there is an information wall between them, or with other professionals that may be necessary for the sale (banks, etc...)

Our work is totally open and away from those brokerage systems, and we care to put you in contact with the best professionals, and you will be receiving the information quickly and directly.

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We will help you to sell your house, solving your doubts, and you will not be alone during the whole process. Because when you sell, your plan starts to come true.
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... and free.

As you read it, in Regentehomes we do not charge you any brokerage fees, so all you need to do is to plan the purchase of your house.