House in Historic Center of Malaga

Javier Ramos


Built in 1900 and completely renovated in the 2000s, with a good conservation of traditional elements.
Ref. 170650
Malaga City
Year 1900
Or.: ND
Rooms 7
Baths 2
Toilets 1
Sqm Built 414
Sqm Living area: N/A
Plot N/A
Units 1
parking lots N/A
Storage n/a
This house, with traditional charm, was built in 1900 and completely renovated in the 2000s, with a good conservation of traditional elements and a decoration that reflects the interest of its owners in the world of art.


House in the historic center of Malaga City. The center of Malaga City is one of the most appreciated areas of the Costa del Sol. Its cultural offerings and services are a good combination to be a great European capital focused on quality tourism.

This house, with traditional charm, was built in 1900 and completely renovated in the 2000s, with a good conservation of traditional elements and a decoration that reflects the interest of its owners in the world of art.

On the ground floor we find a first distributor with access to an office and the central patio, with original stone columns, ceramic floors combined with clay, arches that give access to the galleries, and beams of wood around the patio and on the ceilings of the entrance gallery.

In addition, a room to the main facade that can be converted, as in the case of the office, in other bedroom, the patio with natural light, and one guest toilet.

On the first floor we start with a very ample hall, which leads to the ample living room, and the kitchen with dining area, another small living room, the bedroom with a balcony to the patio, and one bathroom.

On the second floor there is a second ample living room that gives access to the large roof terrace, plus three bedrooms, and one bathroom.

It is a very special property, we invite you to see the photographic report, and if you need more information, please call to arrange a visit to the property.

Featured equipment

Living room, Dining room, Built-in wardrobes, Dressing room, Solarium Terrace, Several Balconies, Private Patio, Exterior, Refurbished

Usual expenses

IBI Yearly: 861 €
Community monthly: n/a €

The data on usual expenses are taken directly from the bills provided by the owner. These expenses can easily change, depending on the official Administration in the case of the IBI, by new agreement of the owners of the community, or other suppliers. The properties can have other expenses depending on their nature and location. In any case, before signing the private contract for the reservation of the property, the seller will provide a copy of all updated receipts.

Approximate taxes and expenses of the sale

Price: 1.250.000 €
Impuesto I.T.P. (aprox.): 87500€
Notaría, Registro y Gestoría (aprox.): 4350€
Total Compraventa (aprox.): 1341850€

Except for the price, which will depend on the negotiation with the seller, the rest of the calculations are indicative, and just to get an idea of the amounts you may need to buy the property. They may change, among other reasons, due to regulatory and tax changes; buyer's age and nationality; and the fees of the Notary, Property Registry and Management that intervene and / or correspond to the sale.

Savings and financing

Ahorro (aprox.): 223641 €
Financiación: 1118208 €

The information on savings and financing is also indicative and does not represent any type of offer. It has been calculated with 20% and 80% of the sum of price plus the calculation of taxes and expenses of the example, not including expenses, costs or taxes related to financing. They will depend in any case on the agreements that the buyer reaches directly and without our intermediation with the entity that he chooses to contract the mortgage loan.

Simple Informative Note, Descriptive Consultation of Catastro, IBI Receipt, partial deed, draw, Energy Certificate

Thanks to the availability of property documentation, we offer the buyer correct information on key aspects such as square meters, usual expenses, and other information of interest, so that the purchase is an easy process and free of any fright. With the Simple Note requested from the Property Registry we have proof of the registered area, the charges that may affect the property, and its ownership. With the Descriptive Query of Catastro we check data such as the year of construction and we have a table of surfaces as they appear in it. Occasionally we have copies of title deeds, plans, and other documents with which we obtain even more information about the property. The Energy Certificate offers the scale of consumption and emissions of the property, where Class A is the most energy efficient and G the least. 

The Property Transfer Tax (ITP), or VAT in the case, is to be paid only by the buyer. The municipal capital gain (IIVTNU) of the sale is to be paid only by the seller.

It is foreseen by the seller that in the sales contract it is stipulated that the expenses of the sale are to be paid only by the buyer (Notary Public for the execution of the deed of sale; Property Registry when registering the sale in the name of the buyer; and Management because it is in charge of the settlement of taxes, purchase and sale expenses and other procedures derived from it).

If the buyer requests financing, he must add the economic conditions that he agrees, freely and directly, with the bank he chooses.

Upon signing the private contract of sale, the buyer will deliver a deposit or signal, for the amount or percentage of the price as agreed between the seller and the buyer, and only by secure bank check or secure bank transfer.

The buyer has the right to freely choose the Notary where the sale is made public, and can consult them for a budget of expenses and calculation of taxes to be settled for the sale.

Rest until completing the price by secure bank check at the time of signing the deed of sale on a Notary. Any other payment method will not be accepted. The buyer will deliver in the notary the amount for the settlement of taxes and expenses of the sale.

As a buyer, you do not have to worry about adding our brokerage costs, because the seller is responsible for the full amount of our fees.

The label n/a in any of the data means "Not Available", except in the data corresponding to the Community of Owners because it simply indicates that the data is not available since the property is not part of a Community.

The properties labeled as 'Sale' or 'Rent' are available for sale or rent, although said availability (as well as the validity of the price) depends exclusively on the owner, and will normally coincide with the time of the visit. 

The properties labeled as ‘Coming soon’ are in a pre-market situation, commercial study process, price and documentation, and will soon be offered for sale.

In compliance with the decree of the Junta de Andalucía 218/2005 of October 11, which approves the Consumer Information Regulation in the sale and rental of homes in Andalusia, the client is informed that the information sheet is available of this property in second or subsequent transmission, in our offices at Calle Paquiro 12, Local 2/2, 29006, Málaga.

We inform you that the price does not include the expenses of the sale (Notary, Registry, Agency) nor the taxes (Property Transfer Tax, ITP) applicable to the sale.

The fees for our marketing or intermediation services are to be paid only by the seller, whether or not they are included in the price.

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