Show us the property you would like to sell

Help us to get to know your property before the visit.

The easiest, send us a whatsapp
with the most important information.

Click on the WhatsApp icon to start a chat with us, or start it yourself by contacting the number 627 344 311 (add 0034 if you contact from outside Spain).

And if you don't use whatsapp, call us!

You will not receive any commercial information or advertising from Regentehomes, nor will we give your personal data to anyone to do so.

If your email is of a commercial nature, with offers of products or services, please send it only one time.

If you are a lawyer, architect, or a professional interested in the brokering of your costumers properties, it is essential to have a sales order note.

cocinas comodas
We are going to need:

Your full name and contact information

Address of the real estate house for sale.

Catastro reference of the property (you will find it in the IBI bill or the purchase deed)

Rooms, bathrooms, and toilets.

Featured equipment (pool, etc).

Parking lots or separate storage rooms.

Price at which you have thought it can be sold.

Some photos to get an idea of the house interior and facade.

…and to know:

If you are advertising it with other real estate agencies and/or as direct by owner.

If you have a Nota Simple, last IBI and Community receipts, and Energy Certificate; And you have no issue providing them to us, so the property can be offered to buyers with real and verified data.

If it is or has been VPO (with any limitation on the max. price for sell it, or even to sell it), and you have already the payment or prescription certificate.

With this information we will contact you and we will make you an offer to market the property.

And all this,
how much is it going to cost me?

We are very clear about it, and we want you to be clear about it too, that is why we are super transparent with our fees.

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We will help you to sell your house, solving your doubts, and you will not be alone during the whole process. Because when you sell, your plan starts to come true.
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As you read it, in Regentehomes we do not charge you any brokerage fees, so all you need to do is to plan the purchase of your house.