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As you read it, in Regentehomes we do not charge you any brokerage fees, so all you need to do is to plan the purchase of your house.

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We help you with our purchase services

We believe that the role of a good professional is to put the interests of their clients first throughout the purchasing process.

Be ready to buy

You are going to buy a house, and already know what you want, what you need in the medium and long term, and what you can afford aprox. Now you just need to choose a home and have a buying process as simple as possible.

Feeling accompanied by professionals is the best option and facilitates the entire process.

  1. Choosing Properties.
  2. Visits.
  3. Budget.
  4. The Offer and the Private Contract.
  5. Banks and financing.
  6. Gestiones en Notaría.
  7. After-sales service for the Buyer.

1st Choosing Properties

In Regentehomes you find a disciplined environment, where the properties for sale are preceded by a complete study of the documentation, request for information to the official Registry of Properties and Catastro, receipts for usual expenses, energy certificate, etc.

With us, you have all the information about the property in which you are interested before signing anything. In this way you can focus on what is important, to find the property that meets your expectations.

2nd Visits

The visit to the chosen property is a crucial moment. We do them without haste, because it is time to get to know it in detail, and without feeling pressured or having to decide anything at that moment.

In addition, once you find the property you want to buy, if you want you can visit it several times, to know the different lighting conditions, surroundings, neighborhood, etc.

3rd Budget

It is time to do the numbers and check if we have the necessary savings resources, plus the expenses and taxes related to the purchase.

We provide you with all the data you need to make your calculations, since depending on the price and the type of property, taxes and expenses could be different.

You can also start looking for mortgages offers with different banks and thus know your purchase limitations.

4th The Offer and the Private Contract

The receipt of offers is one of the advantages of buying real estate with us, since it allows the buyer to make a verbal offer without obligation first, which will be answered in the same way if it is accepted by the seller.

The contract is always reviewed in advance by both the buyer and the seller, and everyone feels comfortable and informed the day agreed for the signing.

Its objective is to serve, not only as the basis of the general agreement, but also as a consultation tool for any questions that may arise later.

5th Banks and mortgage financing

If you need a mortgage, we will introduce you to great professionals from the main banks, to whom we will send the information about the property, and we will help you collect the documents you will need to study the loan.

Requesting financing conditions in different entities is important to know if we are making the most convenient decision, and it is key to take into account aspects such as: interest, commissions, terms and other conditions, requirements and expenses.

Although it will depend on the bank you choose, in this link we show you the documentation that is usually requested.

6º Gestiones en Notaría

As a buyer, you have the right to choose the notary in which the deed of sale will be signed, and if you prefer that we recommend one, we will put you in contact with the best notary offices.

And we will accompany you on the day of signing, along with all the documentation related to the property and the sale, so you will feel comfortable and informed all the time.

7th After-sales services for the buyer

After the sale there may be pending issues to be solved, such as the payment of receipts that still are received under the seller's name, or any of the conditions agreed in the contract that should be met after signing.

We will continue to be by your side for whatever you need, so we help you to finish solving doubts or any pending issue, and even recommend professionals if you decide to decorate your new house, make any reforms, or equip it even more.

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Know the properties we have in our portfolio, and if you do not find what you are looking for, contact us and make a request with the area where you would like to buy, and the characteristics that the ideal real estate should have for you.